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Here at A Complete Home Inspections and Renovation Services, we understand how important a home inspection is when buying a house. Maybe you are considering a new home. Or, perhaps an already established home is more your style. New or old, getting a whole-house inspection can give you ideas for necessary repairs, or insight into whether or not the electrical, plumbing, and other aspects of the house are installed up to code.

It is tempting to assume that a new house does not need an inspection before you buy it. Unfortunately, even new houses are sometimes built with mistakes. There can be issues with wiring, or perhaps the appliances were installed incorrectly. A home inspection for a new property will help to reveal any faulty building methods. This will help prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Older homes can also have potential problems. Perhaps there were remodeling projects that were incorrectly performed or not installed according to building code regulations. By having a property and whole-house inspection, you will be informed about potential problems. We will also include any recommendations there may be for potential repairs.

A Complete Inspection Provides:

• Video Plumbing Inspection
• Mold Testing
• Vacant Past 6-month Electrical Inspections
• Vacant Past 6-month Gas Inspections
• Foreclosed Inspections
• FHA Inspections
• HUD Inspections
• Foundation Inspections

A General Home Inspection Includes:

• Roof
• Attic
• Slab and Foundation
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Appliances
• Air Conditioning and Heating
• Exterior
• Termites
• Structural
• Interior

When it comes to choosing an inspection company, you want only the best. Our inspectors are licensed and professionally qualified to notice any and all minute details of a home inspection. As a company, we take pride in being thorough and providing our clients with only the best service. Contact us today to set up your next home inspection.

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